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Compliance Testing

ETT offers UST testing for those in pursuit of state annual compliance, pre-purchase inspections, or simply investigative work. We are currently equipped to provide:

  • Leak Testing- Using a method capable of pinpointing any flaws in the product, ullage, and/or lines of your fuel system

  • Cathodic Protection Testing- For those interested in verifying the integrity of their buried steel components, and the working order of their cathodic protection systems

  • Automatic Tank Gauge Certification- UST Owners are now required to periodically test the integrity of their ATG system, and certify the working order of their probe, sensors, and alarms

  • Fuel Mold & Bacteria Testing- A highly recommended test for customers who tend to stock fuel for an elongated period of time

  • Sump & Spill bucket testing- As more and more states begin requiring annual testing of these component's integrity, ETT is here to help


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